FCA To Pay Tesla Hundreds of Millions To Avoid Billions In Emissions Fines


If there is one company which has always struggled to keep up with technology its FCA. They are plagued with poor leadership, and budget issues. There is no grater example of this than the fact they need to spend $100s of millions to count Tesla’s fleet in the European Union, lowering FCA’s average emissions output ahead of strict new EU regulations coming in 2021. Tesla will make “hundreds of millions of euros” from the sale of these emissions credits, according to theFinancial Times.

Not only are the FCA fleet’s average emissions among the worst in the industry, the automaker was sued by the US Department of Justice in 2017 for allegedly using software to fool regulators into thinking its cars were compliant. FCA settled those charges for $800 million without admitting any wrongdoing, but it also recently recalled nearly 1 million vehicles in the US for violating emissions standards.

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